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Your free guide to managing the development of a new – or redesigned – website.

So you need a competent and experienced company to design a website for you. The task can be daunting to say the least, especially when you begin researching all of the components that make for an effective and beautiful website. Not to mention, the wide range of pricing associated with outsourcing your project and the number of website design companies available to you can be overwhelming.  You could pay for a $500 website, but you will get what you pay for in that scenario, rest assured. It is well worth the research and the money to find a company that you have confidence in to help you reach your goals on your web design quest.

Find a high-quality web design company and you will look like a genius. They’ll walk you through a fail-proof process designed to meet your objectives. They will provide you with professional services that you’d expect from a web design company. Unfortunately, so many of them fall short in design, copy and technical aspects. Don’t let your web project turn into a flop – something you’d rather not associate your name with. Excellence is easy to spot. Something either is, or is not, excellent.

At Jungbauer Design Studio, we’ve worked hard to get to the level of quality that we promise to our clients. We’ve also worked diligently to come up with a process that ensures an end result that is on point with your goals and objectives and your brand.

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Below is a guide to help you along the process of managing the development of a new, or redesigned, website.

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